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Visit the Farm House

Guest house and online shop offering premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Portugal and California, imported balsamic vinegars, herbal teas, honey & artisanal salt. Occasionally, specially curated handcrafted and vintage items from Portugal are also available, as well as fine art prints. 

Like so many others in Portugal, my family has been growing its own olive crop for years, using traditional harvesting methods passed down through the generations and pressing the olives at the local olive mill which has been in operation since 1890. In an effort to continue my family’s tradition, rescue my childhood memories from obscurity and preserve the cultural heritage that has shaped my family’s identity, I started restoring a little stone cottage and abandoned olive groves in my family's village of Telhados Grandes, which lies in the middle of the Parque Natural das Serras de Aire e Candeeiros in Portugal. My dream now is to take the next step and help it evolve from a personal retreat into a small, rustic guest house that offers a chance for like-minded people to experience the quiet beauty of this rocky landscape and interact in an honest and authentic way with the local people... a place where you can come to relax, gather together for meals with friends and get to know the local farmers over long, winey, um, languid lunches under the olive trees…with a focus on conversation and connection...and lots of quiet contemplation. Coming here is an escape from everything that is fast, loud and busy. It's a place to fall asleep by the fire while listening to the wind, and nothing but the braying of the neighbor's burro to wake you up. A place where the scent of wild herbs and eucalyptus follows you as you walk the rocky paths.

There are many updates and plans already in progress to hold olive oil tastings, cooking classes, workshops and retreats in the very near future.  I hope you'll follow along as I share the progress… 

Below you can see what we offer at our little olive farm. More information regarding specific details for each offering will be available as soon as events are announced. Many of our events also take place throughout Southern California, as well. Make sure to subscribe to our blog and newsletter to be the first to know as soon as they're scheduled! If you'd like to join us, have any questions, or would like to collaborate on an upcoming event, please use the contact form above or send us an email directly at

  • TASTINGS: Join us for a fun, educational and affordable way to sample our selection of Portuguese olive oils. You’ll learn how to build your knowledge of the different flavor profiles of olive oil and discover how to identify the best quality extra virgin olive oil, along with developing your own personal, favorite taste palate.  

  • CLASSES: Upcoming classes include traditional homestyle Portuguese cooking, from bread baking to cheese making. Our classes are a great way to discover new, healthy and creative ways to enjoy olive oil. We also offer classes on creativity and mindfulness, blending gentle yoga with nature walks and artistic expression. 

  • WORKSHOPS: Our workshops are a special way to immerse yourself in authentic, traditional Portuguese crafts. You'll learn practical skills, as well as experience the real culture and heritage of this unique region. You'll learn from local artisans and makers who take their inspiration from the local landscape. We offer a hands-on creative learning community open to everyone from all walks of life; no experience necessary. 

  • RETREATS: Our olive farm is an ideal environment for artistic exploration and creative self-expression in a secluded, natural setting. It’s the perfect spot to write your novel, paint a new body of work, or to simply have the time and space to develop your personal style and voice - even find inspiration when you’ve hit a creative block in any medium. Meals and accommodations, either shared or individual, are provided in exchange for a weekly fee. This summer will mark our first year as an official AirBnB rental! Reservations will be available through their online booking. We also offer a limited number of opportunities to do a farm stay where you may help out with daily farm tasks in exchange for food and housing.